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Proven formula destroys 99,99% of harmful microorganisms

IzaEffect Spray


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We understand that having nail fungus on your feet could be really uncomfortable. 

IzaEffect spray works so well because: 

Works quickly on skin and nails

IzaEffect spray starts to work within seconds of application

Proven effectiveness on microorganisms

Proven formula destroys 99,99% of harmful microorganisms

Destroys fungus and bacteria

The spray is relentless towards fungus and bacteria, but at the same time gentle to your skin

Also disinfect shoes, socks and barefoot areas

Efficiently tackle this problem by disinfecting the areas, where microorganisms thrive

Steps to a life without nail fungus

Carefully follow these steps for 4-5 days to see best results:

Wash and dry

Affected areas of skin and nails should be thoroughly washed and dried. Use hot air (hairdryer) if possible.


Spray IzaEffect on feet and nails – once on each toe, and wherever the fungus occurred.

Wait 15 min

Leave on for 15 minutes and allow the liquid to dry. Do not wipe it off. If you have nail fungus, white foam will probably occur.

Repeat on problematic areas

If necessary, spray at all areas where foam occurred. Massage the product into these places.

Warning: Use biocides in a safe way. Prior to application, read the label and product information.

Take action now

What happens if we don't act on time

Don’t let it get worse

Fungus progresses rapidly and aggressively. Because initially, the change is only aesthetic some people dismiss the problem without taking action.  

Treatment of nail fungus at the first stage is crucial as it is much easier to destroy the fungus before it progresses.

Immediate response and appropriate treatment are required to efficiently tackle this problem

Stage 1

In the early stages, nail fungus is only visible as a color or texture changes.


Stage 2

The nail becomes thicker and painful. The fungus spreads through the whole nail.


Stage 3

In the advanced stage, the nail detaches from the nail bed. The fungus spreads to the surrounding skin.

Why is IzaEffect spray so effective?

Izaeffect formula is based on hydrogen peroxide with prolonged action. The tests confirm the spray’s efficiency against fungus. 


High efficiency

Eliminates harmful microorganisms with up to 99,99% efficiency

Immediate action

IzaEffect spray starts to destroy nail fungus within seconds of application

Safe to use

The remedy is relentless to fungi but harmless to your body

We are happy to help our customers


IzaEffect Spray


In stock

We are happy to help our customers


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